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Peanut Butter Banana Bonbons | Joy the baker
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Lemon Thyme Popcorn
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*sings* lemony olive oil banaaaanaaaa breeeaaaad by heidi swanson… a forever favorite…
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simply breakfast - jen causey…. still one of my most favorite blogs…
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Healthy Vegan Caramel Peanut tarts:
Ingredients:Base:1 Cup Rolled Oats1/4 Cup Shredded Coconut7 Dates (pitted)3 tsp Rice Malt Syrup1Tbsp WaterMiddle:5 tsp Rice Malt Syrup5 Dates (pitted)3 Tbsp Peanut ButterTopping:1 Tbsp Almonds (chopped Finely)1/2 Tsp raw cacao powder1/2 Tsp Coconut Sugar1/4 tsp Maca PowderMethod:Combine the base ingredients together in food processor. Press this mixture into a small muffin tin filling them about halfway. Next Combine all of the middle ingredients together in the food processor. This should form quite a gooey thick mixture. Spoon this on top of the bases in the muffin tin, Next combine all of the topping ingredients in a small bowl, dusting the almonds in the other ingredients. Sprinkle a small amount of almonds on top of each tart, Refrigerate until firm.
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untitled by fluente on Flickr.
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(via Butter-Braised Spring Onions with Lots of Chives Recipe: Bon Appétit)
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